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Due to recent snow storm and state of emergency in Buffalo, shipping from there will be delayed.
In the interim, new orders destined for the USA will be shipped customs and duty free from our Canadian warehouse.

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BAD BOY Xtreme N and Xtreme MJ are high power Wi-Fi solutions with up to 7 mile (~11km) range*. Output power up to 4W (36dBm) EIRP (Effective Isotropic Radiated Power) - the highest power legally allowed - for rock solid, high speed connections. Input power is 5-30 Volt DC or 100-250 Volt AC 50/60Hz (via AC adaptor). No power robbing USB connections. Xtreme is an unobtrusive, small and compact wi-fi transceiver that can be mounted on a rail, arch or masthead. Features a user friendly web-based interface developed by Bitstorm so there's never any software to install. Easy to set-up and install. Xtreme is powered by the same cable that transfers the data which means there is only a single cable. Xtreme includes a custom developed matched and tuned antenna for best possible range and reception. It's no wonder these BAD BOY's have gotten a reputation!

  • Up to 7 mile (11km) range*.
  • 100+ Mbits connection speeds.
  • Works worldwide: country selection with automatic regulatory adjustments- ensures compatibility and compliance anywhere in the world.
  • Easy to set up and get running.
  • Designed for outdoor use: -40F to +176F (-40C to +80C), IP65 (Xtreme N) and IP67 (Xtreme MJ).
  • No software drivers to install on your computer: everything needed is already built into Xtreme (and Unleashed).
  • Friendly URL access: no cryptic IP addressing needed.
  • Hotspot access keys (passwords) saved: saved and automatically re-used when revisiting the same hotspot. Can be backed up and restored so they'll never be lost.
  • Single cable installation: no need to route separate power and data cables.
  • 75' (23m) FIRECAT (PVC jacketed, UV protected, shielded, outdoor rated) cable designed by Bitstorm, 10' (3m) patch cable.
  • PoE Injector for 100-250 Volt AC or 5-30 Volt DC operation. Short circuit current limited, thermal shutdown, ignition noise/spike, reverse polarity protected.
  • Remote Reset button - never climb a mast / arch to reset after forgetting a password. Reset your system from the comfort of your salon.
  • Power miserly - only draws 100-200mA.
  • FREE online firmware updates.
  • Quick Start Guide and Product Booklet.
  • One year written limited warranty.
  • Rail/Flat Surface, 1-14 Adapter and Pole mounts available.

And why not go completely wireless with our optional Unleashed N? Smart phones, tablets - any of your devices that have built-in wi-fi can all be connected to the internet! Simultaneously!

  • Up to 33dBm (2W) power output.
  • IP65 rated.
  • Tightly coupled to Xtreme.
  • Small size.
  • Power miserly.

* When connected with a clear line of site properly placed quality hotspot.


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