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If you can find a better price for a complete system similar to Xtreme, we will better it by 10%
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BAD BOY Xtreme N and Xtreme MJ are high power Wi-Fi solutions with up to 7 mile (~11km) range*. Output power up to 4W (36dBm) EIRP (Effective Isotropic Radiated Power) - the highest power legally allowed - for rock solid, high speed connections. Input power is 5-30 Volt DC or 100-250 Volt AC 50/60Hz (via optional AC adaptor). No power robbing USB connections. Xtreme is an unobtrusive, small and compact wi-fi transceiver that can be mounted on a rail, arch or masthead. Features a user friendly web-based interface developed by Bitstorm so there's never any software to install. Easy to set-up and install. Xtreme is powered by the same cable that transfers the data which means there is only a single cable. Xtreme includes a custom developed matched and tuned antenna for best possible range and reception. It's no wonder these BAD BOY's have gotten a reputation!

  • Up to 7 mile (11km) range*.
  • 100+ Mbits connection speeds.
  • Works worldwide: country selection with automatic regulatory adjustments- ensures compatibility and compliance anywhere in the world.
  • Easy to set up and get running.
  • Designed for outdoor use: -40F to +176F (-40C to +80C), IP65 (Xtreme N) and IP67 (Xtreme MJ).
  • No software drivers to install on your computer: everything needed is already built into Xtreme (and Unleashed).
  • Friendly URL access: no cryptic IP addressing needed.
  • Hotspot access keys (passwords) saved: saved and automatically re-used when revisiting the same hotspot. Can be backed up and restored so they'll never be lost.
  • Single cable installation: no need to route separate power and data cables.
  • 75' (23m) FIRECAT (PVC jacketed, UV protected, shielded, outdoor rated) cable designed by Bitstorm, 10' (3m) patch cable.
  • PoE Injector for 100-250 Volt AC or 5-30 Volt DC operation. Short circuit current limited, thermal shutdown, ignition noise/spike, reverse polarity protected.
  • Remote Reset button - never climb a mast / arch to reset after forgetting a password. Reset your system from the comfort of your salon.
  • Power miserly - only draws 100-200mA.
  • FREE online firmware updates.
  • Quick Start Guide and Product Booklet.
  • One year written limited warranty.
  • Choose from Rail/Flat Surface, Backstay, Pole mounts. 1-14 Adapter also available.

And why not go completely wireless with our optional Unleashed N? Smart phones, tablets - any of your devices that have built-in wi-fi can all be connected to the internet! Simultaneously!

  • Up to 33dBm (2W) power output.
  • IP65 rated.
  • Tightly coupled to Xtreme.
  • Small size.
  • Power miserly.

* When connected with a clear line of site properly placed quality hotspot.


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