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  • Bitstorm Bad Boy System
  • Xtreme MJ (Metal Jacket) with Integral 1-14 Mount - Included
  • Rail Installation
  • Rail / Flat Surface Mount - Included
  • Backstay Mount - Optional
  • Backstay Installation - Optional
  • 5-30VDC Power Injector - Included
  • DC Power Cable - Included
  • 75' (23m) Outdoor Shielded - Included
  • 10' (3.3m) Indoor Patch - Included
  • Junction Box - Included



Product Description

Waterproof Metal Jacket Housing. 100+ Mbits*!

Integral 1-14 mounting adapter as part of the housing!

Bitstorm's BAD BOY Xtreme MJ (Metal Jacket) provides two benefits. While it's fully waterproof (submersible - IP67), its biggest benefit is the metal casing protecting the electronics inside during periods of electrical storm activity. It's a faraday shield blocking both external static and non-static electrical fields.

Xtreme MJ supports the latest Wi-Fi Mode N. That means wireless link speeds in excess of 100 megabits/sec (Mbits)* are now possible! Xtreme N pulls in and locks onto the weakest signals. How do we do this? Just as with our other Xtreme models, by putting the highest power Wi-Fi device available right at and connected directly to the antenna, the antenna cable is eliminated. No cable losses. What this means is that all of the available power (up to 36dBm or 4W EIRP) goes out the antenna for maximum range and best possible reception. And the data goes to your computer via a digital (not analog) outdoor grade shielded cable. And since it's digital, you can locate your Wi-Fi device in the best location up to 300 feet (90 meters) away. Masthead installation with its ideal range and clear line-of-sight is now possible. They put your VHF antenna at the highest place for a reason. The same is true with Wi-Fi. No more compromises!

The biggest problem is often the line of sight that's needed for Wi-Fi. Surroundings that have water, wood and metal all conspire to reduce range. Then there's the miniscule power that laptops put out - you can see the hotspot access point but it can't hear your laptop. Unlike laptops and other mobile devices which put out only 35-50mW, this Bad Boy puts out up to 4W (36dBm) of power to get you connected. And keep you connected!

Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux... any operating system. Rugged, completely weatherproof and continues operating in extreme temperatures. Select Wi-Fi Access Points through your browser so there's no software to install. Multiple mounting options to choose from. And why not complete your system with an Unleashed rebroadcaster that lets you go completely cable free and use the Wi-Fi already built into your computer.

* Refers to the wireless link speed. The actual speed of the internet connection may be considerably less. While wireless data rates up to 150 Mbits are possible, most hotspots provide a connection to the internet of only a few Mbits.

Note: Xtreme MJ is backward compatible with original Xtreme and Xtreme N and is interchangeable.


  • Any operating system: Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.
  • No software to install
  • Built in router allowing multiple connections to computer, IP cameras, etc.
  • Anodized aliminum casing provides rugged, outdoor, weatherproofing with extended temperature range
  • High power: up to 36dBm (4W) EIRP
  • Line-Of-Sight reception range of greater than 5 miles (~8km)
  • Integral 1-14 adapter (requires an existing 1-14 mount which is not included).
  • Regulated output Power Injector, 5-30VDC input voltage, with short circuit, thermal shutdown and reverse polarity protection
  • Remote Reset
  • All digital, shielded, outdoor, PVC jacket, UV protected cable, no coax antenna cable needed
  • Easy do-it-yourself installation - no special tools required


Optional mounts

Optional Unleashed (go completely wireless)


Powering Options (Xtreme shown, Xtreme MJ is the same):

Connection Diagram

Product Videos

Operating Bitstorm's Xtreme Products (10:56)
Operating Bitstorm's Xtreme Wi-Fi Booster is made easy because of our proprietary firmware. No techie types needed here! Just watch this video to see how quick and easy it is to connect to a hotspot and get online.
  • Operating Bits...
    Operating Bitstorm's Xtreme Wi-Fi Booster is made easy because...

Warranty Information

Please refer to 'Warranty Terms and Conditions' at the bottom.


Output Power with Antenna:
up to 36 dBm (4W) EIRP max
Receiver Sensitivity:
up to -96 dBm
Wireless Reception Range:
Line-Of-Sight, 5-7 miles (8-11 km)
Operating Temp:
-40°F to +176°F (-40°C to +80°C)
Operating Humidity:
5 to 95% Condensing
Outdoor Installation:
Operating Voltage:
10-30 Vdc typical (using M-POE-DUO-S18)
Power Method:
PoE (pairs 4 & 5: pos(+), 7 & 8: neg(-)
Typical / Max Power Consumption:
3W (~250mA) / 7W (~650mA)
Bad Boy Size:
7.5" x 1.5" (190mm x 46mm)
Shock and Vibration:
Wireless Approvals:
FCC Part 15.247, IC RS210, CE
Controlled via:
Browser (no software needed)
Mounting Options:
Rail, Flat Surface, Pole, Backstay
Antenna Size:
16" x .75" (410mm x 19mm)
Cable Type:
75ft (23m), 4 pair, Cat5e, shielded, black, outdoor rated, UV protected, PVC sheathed
Junction Box:
Yes - Firmware - No cost when available
Operating System:
All - Windows / Mac / Linux / etc.
PCB Conformal Coating:
None - sealed
Wireless Modes:
B / G / N
Power Injector:
DC Power Cable:
Remote Reset:
Patch Cable:
10 ft (3m), gray, indoor
Data Rates:
100+ Mbits
Case Material:
Anodized Aluminum

Product Reviews

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  1. 1month from shipment and I still don't have the product

    Posted by Chris on 27th Jun 2015

    I contacted Canada Post, Spanish post office (for delivery) and Bitstorm and nobody does anything about delivering this package to me. Bitstorm should care more and step up to solve this issue. I guess they got the money and they don't care...terrible!

    Bitstorm responds: Your order address was only partially complete and included a partial phone number that was from Canada. In addition, while everyone in North America knows that the country code is +1, Spanish officials have no way of knowing what your incomplete phone number represented and this made it impossible for them to contact you. Lastly, we contacted the carrier and put a trace on it immediately after you contacted us. As we do not own any delivery service, we are unable to demand they do anything. Your order was in customs who were seeking import duties. Bottom line: when providing international addressing for a shipment, complete information needs to be included including both address, contact info and phone numbers. Incomplete information always results in a 'return to sender'.

  2. Works as advertised

    Posted by Rick Johnson on 17th Mar 2015

    I sold my boat with my Bad Boy and have gone the RV route. I have not yet tested the new MJ version, but I was well pleased with the prior version. Used it for 4 years and never a problem. I once picked up over 200 signals while about 1 mile from a condo building. I love the Unleashed product. We have several devices that connect to the internet and this makes it easy, especially the printer.

  3. Works great...we'll see if it holds up.

    Posted by CST on 27th Jan 2015

    This is the second time I have ordered a Bitstorm product, but this time I got the MJ (Metal Jacket) version becuase after two years on our last boat the previous one began to deteriorate and the plastic housing was showing signs of concern for me. When we were in the Bahamas in 2012 I pulled in a WiFi signal from SEVEN MILES once! Grant it they were perfect conditions...open water and strong WiFi but still. Obviously, I liked the product and how it performed but given that it's designed to be in the marine environment I did not expect it to fade as quickly as it did. We sold that boat and I liked it enough to put one on our new boat...I was glad to see the MJ version hopefully it holds up better. These components aren't anything real unique as a number of folks sell these under different labels but the software is fairly unique and seemed easy to use etc...I also liked that they put a dial to control the power of the antenna right on the GUI for ease of use. Nice call.

  4. Worth 10X What I Paid

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Jan 2015

    I spent months (literally) trying to figure out exactly what setup I needed to buy to have reliable internet on my boat, and every review I came across about this system was glowing... but I was still slightly skeptical. Often, reviews don't seem to match the quality of a true user experience. I have to say, the setup I got is incredible! The quality of the product is awesome, the customer service is wonderful, and the system works great. I honestly could not be happier.

  5. Telephone support was awesome.

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Nov 2014

    Have not been out to other marinas since that system was installed so cannot give an opinion as to how effective it is. However, it does seem to work well at my home marina. But the gentlemen that helped me through the connection setup was really wonderful. Thanks again.

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