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Our office will be closed Monday February 17th for Canada's Family Day and will reopen on Tuesday February 18th.
From management and staff, we wish everyone a happy and safe holiday.


What Makes BAD BOYs Different From The Competition?

Feature Benefit
• Easy to set up and get running Review our Quick Start Guide
• Designed for outdoor use Install it for best range and reception - rail, arch or masthead
• -40F to +176F (-40C to +80C) Extended temperature range. Keeps on working whether in the cold or heat
• 10-30Vdc / 100-250Vac 50/60Hz Works anywhere in the world
• No software to install No disks to get lost or computers to update
• Single cable installation No running multiple cables for data and power
• 75' (23m) shielded outdoor cable Masthead installation, UV protected, PVC jacketed, black
• 10' (3m) indoor cable More flexible installation locations
• Bitstorm developed Easy to use, simplicity in operation - controlled from your browser
See Management Application screens
• No software drivers to load Everything needed is already built into Xtreme (and Unleashed)
• Friendly URL access Easy to use 'xtreme.wifi/' ('unleashed.wifi/') - no cryptic IP address
Other friendly URLs include 'badboy.xtreme/' ('badboy.unleashed/')
• Country selection Ensures compatibility and compliance anywhere in the world
• Hotspot access keys (passwords) saved Saves and automatically uses when revisiting the same hotspot. Can be backed up and restored so they'll never be lost
• Automatic regulatory adjustments Conforms to selected country's Wi-Fi regulations and limitations automtically when country selected thus ensuring compliance and maximum performance. Country can be changed at any time
• FREE firmware updates Future proof. Latest features and capabilities will always be available
Xtreme MJ High Power Wi-Fi Transceiver
• Maximum allowed legal power Up to 36dBm (4W EIRP) power output for maximum range and clear reception up to 7 miles*
• 150 Mbits speed For maximum throughput
• Wireless B / G / N Automatically selects the best mode for a rock solid connection
• Small, compact size Unobtrusive installation in any convenient location
• Specially designed high gain omni-
   directional antenna
Matched to Xtreme to provide maximum coverage in a small
• IP67 Allowing for permanent outdoor worry free installation
• Power miserly Only draws 100-200mA so house batteries will last
• Router functionality built-in Provides DNS and DHCP. No additional router functionality required. Connect multiple devices (requires network switch).
Unleashed N High Power Private Access Point
• Up to 33dBm (2W) power output Make a hotspot as small or large as needed
• IP65 rated Can be mounted outside
• Tightly coupled to Xtreme Settings adjusted by Xtreme
• Small size Unobtrusive installation in any convenient location
• Power miserly Only draws 100-200mA so house batteries will last
Power Injector  
• 10-30Vdc / 100-250Vac 50/60hz Can operate anywhere in the world with just about any voltage
• Isolated output No DC current path between input and output - prevents ground current loops
• Supply voltage monitor Ensures adequate power for proper operation
• Short circuit current limited Eliminating risk of fire or drained batteries
• Thermal shutdown Protects itself from excessive heat
• Ignition noise/spike protected Won't be destroyed by power line noise or spiking
• Reverse polarity protected Can't be damaged by inadvertent reversed power connection
• Remote Reset button No need to climb a mast / arch to reset after forgetting a password. Reset from the comfort of your salon.
• One year written limited waranty Three Extended Warranty available
• Outdoor rated, shielded, PVC jacketed,
   UV protected
No cabling issues due to environment
• Can be installed up to 300' (90m) away Masthead installation is the absolute best in range and
unobstructed reception
• Variety of mounting options Pole, rail, flat surface, backstay or standard 1-14 to cover any mounting need
• Expandable Connect multiple computers, networking switches, printers, etc.
• Lithium dielectric corrosion inhibitor Included for use on connectors to prevent corrosion
• Shipped in anti-static bags Prevents dead-on-arrival (DOA) issues
• Works worldwide Shipped worldwide

* Some competitor products suggest greater ranges of up to 25 miles, which is achievable only through the use of specialized directional antennas and is intended for carrier class tower to tower communications where greater power use is permitted. There is no country in the world that permits general use point to multi-point hotspot wifi to operate with the EIRP power required to achieve that range. And if you did, you would be disrupting the airwaves for all others.


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